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Decorative Floors

Floors have played in important role in the aesthetics buildings ever since antiquity (e.g. mosaics) to contemporary’s world (retail stores, hotels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues). Self-levelling overlayments are one of the ways to obtain high-end aesthetic floors. Once hardened, these flowable mortars provide a variety of finish options: they can be white or coloured, and depending on the required finish they can show glossy or mat aspect. Control of the dimensional stability is essential for such floors as one single crack would ruin all the aesthetics of the floor. For this reason the right selection of additives along with the right binder mix design is key. Typical thickness of application: 25-40 mm.

Comparative table

Additive Types
Active matter (%)
Dry content (% by mass)
Lithium sulfate monohydrate (%)
Bulk density
pH (5% solution)
Particle size (% > 600 µm)
Particle size (% > 500 µm)
Particle size (% < 125 µm)
Particle size (% > 200 µm)
Viscosity (mPas)
Alkali as Na2O eq (% by mass)
Chloride content (% by mass)
Ash Content (ppm)
Water content (%)
Hydroxyl number (mg KOH/g)
CE Marking
Formaldehyde regulation
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