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Walls & Facades

Plasters & Renders

Indoor plasters and outdoor renders are used to smooth or repair rough or damaged walls before the decorative finishing layer. They are applied :

  • to fill the cracks/gaps
  • to level/texture the whole surface

Good workability, excellent adhesion, water vapour permeability, resistance to cracking, quick drying and non-efflorescence are classical performance requirements.
Decorative renders must provide the wall surface with :

  • Aesthetic functions (flatness, texture and colour)
  • Technical functions (protection from climatic conditions, corrosion, mechanical actions, fire)

Comparative table

Additive Types
Active matter (%)
Dry content (% by mass)
Lithium sulfate monohydrate (%)
Bulk density
pH (5% solution)
Particle size (% > 600 µm)
Particle size (% > 500 µm)
Particle size (% < 125 µm)
Particle size (% > 200 µm)
Viscosity (mPas)
Alkali as Na2O eq (% by mass)
Chloride content (% by mass)
Ash Content (ppm)
Water content (%)
Hydroxyl number (mg KOH/g)
CE Marking
Formaldehyde regulation
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