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Korea, June 2017 – Chemicon Workshop

Kerneos was glad to support and hold the Chemicon Drymix & Construction Seminar in Jincheon, Korea.

The Kerneos performance binders and Peramin additives were presented to more than 50 customers through training, lab and applicative workshops.

During this seminar, the reference functions and performance of both Kerneos and Peramin ranges have been introduced, with a specific focus on new products and applications:

– Exalt® and Peramin® Conpac 700 presentations to paints and drymix mortars producers.

– Jobsite demonstrations: TERNAL®-based paints, renders and self-leveling underlayments.

We would like to thank our Chemicon distributor team for the organization of this successful event as well as all participants.

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Comparative table

Additive Types
Active matter (%)
Dry content (% by mass)
Lithium sulfate monohydrate (%)
Bulk density
pH (5% solution)
Particle size (% > 600 µm)
Particle size (% > 500 µm)
Particle size (% < 125 µm)
Particle size (% > 200 µm)
Viscosity (mPas)
Alkali as Na2O eq (% by mass)
Chloride content (% by mass)
Ash Content (ppm)
Water content (%)
Hydroxyl number (mg KOH/g)
CE Marking
Formaldehyde regulation
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