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Peramin® CONPAC 300
A new superplasticizer dedicated to flooring

Calcium Aluminates from Imerys are well known as specialty binders to design high-performance flooring systems, providing reference functions such as self-drying, controlled dimensional stability or quick and rapid hardening.

Imerys supplements it’s binders with Peramin® Functional Additives, and especially Superplasticizers from the Peramin® CONPAC range to provide key functions such as flow, flow retention and surface smoothness.

Discover our new Superplasticizer: Peramin® CONPAC 300

Peramin® CONPAC 300 is our latest generation of Poly-Carboxylated Ether (PCE) superplasticizers, designed to offer the most ROBUST and AFFORDABLE solution to provide:

  • Excellent flow properties
  • High strengths development
  • Tolerance to overwatering on jobsite
  • Robust to raw materials variations in formulation

Peramin® CONPAC 300, in combination with the Imerys Aluminates specialty binders, deliver high end applicative performance from fresh mortar stage to hardened mortar in Self-Leveling Underlayments and flooring compounds.


peramin conpac 300

Click here to discover Peramin® CONPAC 300 Product Data Sheet (PDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Example of floor leveling

Watch our video recording:
Peramin® CONPAC 300 Product Presentation held at the European Coating Show, 2019

Our latest innovations for the Construction & Coatings Industry were presented at the European Coating Show 2019. A Product Presentation on Peramin® Conpac 300 was held by Severine Favier – Peramin Global Sales & Marketing Manager.

Peramin® CONPAC – Superplasticizer’s Portfolio

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Peramin® PCETargeted ApplicationsMain Properties
Conpac 149S
OPC – SLCGood water reducing effect and strong mechanical properties on OPC rich formulations
Conpac 300
Low end applications (e.g. P3 in France)
Powerful water reducing effect, strong mechanical properties with good cost-efficient ratio for OPC and CA rich formulations
High tolerance to variations in water dosage
High compatibility with all retarders
Conpac 500
CA rich SLUHigh water reducing effect and strong mechanical properties on botch CA and OPC rich formulations
High tolerance to overwatering on jobsite
High compatibility with all retarders
Conpac 700
CA rich SLS
Pump-truck applied
Fast wetting and dispersing effect, benefit formachine application (very short mixing)
Excellent and rapid flow properties
High rapid strength development

Tolerance to overwatering on jobsite

Comparative table

Additive Types
Active matter (%)
Dry content (% by mass)
Lithium sulfate monohydrate (%)
Bulk density
pH (5% solution)
Particle size (% > 600 µm)
Particle size (% > 500 µm)
Particle size (% < 125 µm)
Particle size (% > 200 µm)
Viscosity (mPas)
Alkali as Na2O eq (% by mass)
Chloride content (% by mass)
Ash Content (ppm)
Water content (%)
Hydroxyl number (mg KOH/g)
CE Marking
Formaldehyde regulation
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